Gadget Recycling are an established distributor of working and faulty Apple iPhones, iPads, Samsung and Huawei Smartphones & Tablets.

We have been in the trade since 2013, both buying and selling. Our experience has taught us what people want from a used mobile phone distributor. Price is important, so ours are always competitive. But we also understand the hidden costs that eat into your bottom line: inaccurate grading, poor testing, unfair return policies. We use this knowledge to provide a service which goes above and beyond that of other players in the market. Our aim is to be the go-to choice for iPhone wholesale in the UK.

Gadget Recycling stock a wide range of damaged phones too. Many repair shops and outlets want to buy broken phones in bulk so they can refurbish them during downtime, and then sell them on to customers for a profit. Contact us today for our price lists if you are interested in how much your shop could make.

As a distributor of used mobile phones we always look to provide volume discounts for large customers. We understand that larger businesses have greater taxes and overheads, and can discount our inventory accordingly for large orders. We ship worldwide, so distance isn’t a barrier either.

Contact us now to open an account and start buying.

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