For a fee of £10 GBP per device we can put your purchased devices through our laser. This will remove the hard glue from behind the rear glass, meaning you only need to easily remove the loose glass from the rear of the device and glue a new replacement glass in its place.

How does it work?

Firstly place your order, as usual, then once you have paid for your order and your ordered items are allocated to you a member of our warehouse team will laser any of your devices with cracked rear glass and you will be sent an invoice for every device that has had its rear glass lasered. Once your second invoice is paid for the rear glass removal your devices will be shipped to you.

Please note.

  • We will not be able to tell you how many rear glasses are cracked until your order is paid for and picked. 
  • If you requested the rear glass laser service your order will not be shipped until the laser service has been paid for in full.
  • We do not completely remove the glass, we just run them through the laser to remove the extremely-difficult-to-remove glue.
  • Please be aware that on some orders you may be lucky enough to have no cracked rear glass and on other orders it may be all of them; we do not know this until we pick your order from our shelves.

Already purchased devices with broken rear glass elsewhere?

This service is also available to you. Again it is £10 per device but there will also be a return postage fee.